Jay-Z: antipathy, cupidity, salacious, indulge, decadent, potation

June 15, 2006

An executive at the company that manufactures Cristal champagne has expressed his antipathy to hip hop culture and its songs that promote cupidity and relate the details of salacious exploits. He believes that the culture brings "unwanted attention" to the brand; in response to this negative stance, Jay-Z has joined a boycott of Cristal. When Jay-Z's patrons at his restaurant would like to indulge in a decadent potation, they will have to choose between Dom Perignon and Krug.

antipathy – (noun) deep distate

cupidity – (noun) excessive desire for wealth and possessions

salacious – (adjective) lustful

exploit – (noun) adventure, deed

indulge – (verb) to engage in freely; to yield to (as a desire)

decadent – (adjective) self-indulgent

potation – (noun) a drink


2 Responses to “Jay-Z: antipathy, cupidity, salacious, indulge, decadent, potation”

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