Paris: contrition, addle, tumult, effect, explicate, mores

June 11, 2006

Paris Hilton was caught on videotape as she backed her SUV into a parked car and drove off, seemingly without contrition. Her publicist explained that she was addled by the flashbulbs of a swarm of photographers and the tumult caused her to effect the accident. He further explicated that, in accordance with social mores and the laws of California, Paris notified a parking attendant and provided her contact information to be delivered to the victim.

contrition – (noun) regret for one's wrongdoing

addle – (verb) to confuse

tumult – (noun) the noise and commotion of a large crowd

effect – (verb) to bring about

explicate – (verb) to explain

mores – (noun) traditional ways


One Response to “Paris: contrition, addle, tumult, effect, explicate, mores”

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